Duplicate Profiles

My results are split across multiple profiles. Why did this happen, and what can I do to fix it?

A first name and a last name are not enough to uniquely identify a competitor, so the National Rankings site is programmed to use the competitor's email, the competitor's parent email, and the state in addition to the competitor's first and last names to uniquely identify a competitor.

This means that if you use inconsistent information when registering to tournaments during the competition year, a different profile will be created when the tournament uploads its results.

The Speechranks staff can merge duplicate profiles. To do so, send us an email at Speechranks Admin with the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Desired Competitor email
  • Desired Parent email (this must be the email used to register with Stoa for the current year)
  • any other email combination you may have used to register to tournaments

In some cases, we may ask you to prove you own some of the emails by sending you a verification email.

Please be sure to register for all future tournaments with the information specified above to prevent the situation from occurring all over again. Thank you for your help.

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