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Combined Speech and Debate Rankings Top 10

Rank Name State Debate Club Speech Club Points Verified
1st CA Paradigm Paradigm 497.504 497.504
2nd CA Veritas CA Veritas CA 490.022 490.022
3rd CA Apollos CA Apollos CA 477.895 477.895
4th CA Apollos CA Apollos CA 467.371 467.371
5th CA Veritas CA Veritas CA 427.105 427.105
6th WA Gopher Hill Gopher Hill 489.32 425.32
7th CA EPICĀ² EPICĀ² 417.901 417.901
8th TX ACTION ACTION 387.511 387.511
9th CA VALOR VALOR 382.724 382.724
10th TN VALOR VALOR 382.163 382.163

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