- Arizona

Debate Club: Agents of Stoa
Speech Club: Agents of Stoa

2019-2020 Results

Rank Points: 373.417 Speech Rank Points: 239.913
National Rank: 6th National Speech Rank: 8th
AZ Rank: 1st AZ Speech Rank: 1st
Event National Rank AZ Rank Points Partner Check Marks
flag 10th 3rd 20.5 ✔✔
flag 15th 2nd 42.417 ✔x8
flag 9th 1st 29.666 ✔x4
flag 22nd 4th 24.133 ✔x6
flag 100th 11th 2.583
flag 2nd 1st 118.25 ✔x4
flag 132nd 12th 2.364
flag 10th 1st 59.75 ✔✔✔
flag 39th 1st 22.976 ✔x4
flag 85th 23rd 5.286 ✔
flag 145th 12th 2.333
flag 171st 43rd 1.583
flag 119th 10th 3.667 ✔
flag 5th 1st 39.875 ✔
flag 47th 1st 20.008 ✔x6
flag 33rd 2nd 24.087 ✔
flag 110th 42nd 7 ✔
flag 37th 1st 41.833 ✔x4

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